EZ Chopper Corn Cutter Board

EZ Chopper Corn Cutting Board



The EZ Chopper is an excellent cutting board for cutting corn or fruits or vegetables.

EZ Chopper as a Corn Cutter

The video demonstrates how much easier it is than using just a knife for cutting corn.  Even the fastest corn cutters would have trouble keeping up with just a regular knife.

Food Safe Cutting Board

The cutting board is made of hard plastic that will last many, many seasons.  The cutting board is dishwasher safe.

EZ Chopper Cleaver

The EZ Copper is a wonderful corn cutter.  It is great for other chopping and dicing as well.  Apples and onions don't stand a chance.  The cleaver swivels as well to make dicing faster and easier.

The cleaver and handle are all one piece so it will not break under normal use.




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Published on  August 21st, 2016