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Kerry's Corn Creamer System


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Corn Cutter

The Kerry's Corn Creamer System is no ordinary corn cutter tool! This drill powered electric corn cutter is not only a whole corn cutter, but a corn creamer, corn sheller, and a corn shucker as well!

Corn Shucker

The Kerry's Corn Sheller is a wonderful corn shucker and corn silker.  Just two simple strokes in the corn shucker station and it is ready to be shelled.

Corn Sheller

If you dislike corn cutting with a knife as much as I do then you'll appreciate how easy this corn cutter tool takes whole corn or cream style corn right off the cob.

Do you prefer cream style corn or whole kernel corn?  The Kerry's Corn Sheller does both.  Just choose which station.  Corn shelling has never been so easy.

Dishwasher Safe Corn Cutter

The Kerry's Corn Cutter Tool cleans up with soap and warm water or just slap it in the dishwasher for super-easy clean up.

Corn Creamer

Published on  June 5th, 2019